Our values



Respect for biodiversity

Our property is a living garden.

We practice differentiated mowing, that is to say that while certain areas are mowed for your comfort, others are left to evolve freely to preserve biodiversity. This is how we can still admire glowworms in summer and we have been able to see species of birds in sharp decline for lack of habitats nesting here, such as the meadow pipit, the stonechat or the rush cisticola. .

Hedges are only trimmed outside the bird nesting period and old trees are not cut as long as they pose no danger. We don't use any pesticides, slug repellents or anything else.

It is therefore not excluded to come across a toad in the pool or a praying mantis in a shrub. Similarly, it may happen that pollinators choose to make a nest with us. We only eliminate a nest if its location is problematic. If it is located outside the places of passage, we simply point it out so that everyone can avoid it.With this simple precaution, no one has ever been bitten.

Energy sobriety

Global warming is a reality that no one can deny. Our way of adapting to it has not been to air-condition the buildings, because that only temporarily masks the problem, contributing to the problem and therefore making it worse in the long term. We have instead chosen to insulate the buildings well, with biosourced materials. Heat waves are still rare in our region, but in such a case you are invited to use the fans and close the shutters or blinds during the day.

In winter, we respect the official instructions which are to heat to 19° C by default. Of course, the radiators can be unblocked in the presence of a baby or in the event of a medical problem regulating body temperature; we remain at your disposal.

We have chosen the least energy-consuming household appliances possible and favored "recycling" whenever possible without compromising on functionality.

Limitation of waste

We favor natural and bulk products and invite you to use the recycling bins made available to you. Our pigs will be happy to get rid of your peelings and other leftover food. Apart from onions and citrus fruits, they like EVERYTHING!